Sonntag, 26. September 2010


so ill start with my first review. its an album thats been released a few months ago but still. i wanted to do it
so lets break it off

first off: this album has been so hyped up by everyone and everything. the expectations were pretty high and everybody wanted it to be a better "SO FAR GONE". but was that even possible? we will see

well we all know drake wants to be that artsy kind of guy so i guess thats why he didnt want to do a classic "standing in front of a sick car"-artwork. not even a normal photo. this cover is intented to be some sort of 3d thing and i guess it came out pretty OK.
so i will be giving the cover
3 / 5
since it doesnt express anything. all you see is drizzys face. cool effect though.

1) Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys) 5:13 (produced by 40)
when i first read in a wikipedia article that this song was supposed to feature Kings Of Leon i was pretty excited since im a big fan of them. then i read they were replaced by alicia keys! that was kind of disappointing since i thought it could have been an interesting combination.
but that didnt do no harm to the song. alicia does her thing on the hook and so does drizzy with his verses. introrespective lyrics, a nice catchy rnb hook by a very talented singer and a downtempo beat that. everything done right on this joint.

2) Karaoke (prod by Francis & the Lights)
wow is he serious? this is straight up garbage...AT THE FIRST LISTEN. drakes singing voice is terrible but the mood of the song and the song itself grows on you

3) The Resistance (prod by 40)
well...drakes rapping was spot on and the beat fits perfectly with drakes verses. or vice versa. still the mood is not set right. drakes whining about being famous isnt really convincing.
the hook is nice though since everybody can relate to it

4) Over (prod by boi1da)
wow now this is a song to get crazy too. need to prepare yourself for a game or anything that needs you to get focused and KILL shit? then thats your hymn. great verses, crazy beat and cool hook.

5) Show Me a Good Time (prod by Kanye West)
GOD DAMN. with the first seconds this song had me HOOKED. the beat is just crazy and makes you wanna party hard. drakes flow is crazy too and at first he reminded me of T.I.
hook makes you wanna sing along all the time. it even got me so hooked that i can easily rap the verses along with drake.
best song on this album

6) Up All Night (feat. Niki Minaj) (prod by boi1da)
hm. i dont like the song and i dont think it fits in this album. sorry drake

7) Fancy (feat. Swizz Beatz & T.I.) (prod by Swizz Beatz)
TERRIBLE hook from swizzy. alright verse delievered by drake and a naaah verse from T.I.
the only thing that saves this song is the beat change at the end of the song. 40 did his own version of swizzys beat and he KILLS it. drakes verses and singing fit very well with 40s changes on the beat and make it nice to listen to.

8) Shut it Down (feat. The-Dream) (prod by 40)
not my kind of joint. again only the end of the song is good where the beat changes.

9) Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy) (prod by 40)
aaliyah at the beginning, then drake, jeezy on a hook and a verse. great song. 40 did his thing again.

10) Light Up (feat. Jay-Z) (prod by 40)
wow beat is crazy again. 40 prooves on this one that he is a musical genius. drake verse was ok (i guess) but jay-z went IN. he kills drake on his own joint.

11) Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne) (prod boi1da)
great song but drake lacks the energy that wayne is showing on this joint. a videos been shot for this song by the way but dont watch it unless you want to be disappointed.

12) Ceces Interlude (prod 40)

13) Find Your Love (prod by Kanye West)
at first it was ok. then it was good. then it gets stuck in your head. great song eventhough it is kind of repetative

14) Thank Me Now (prod by Timbaland)
wow THAT is a timbaland beat? pretty uninspired me thinks. but drakes rapping is spot on and he gets his point accross. a worthy last song to the album


last words: so in conclusion of the break down i can say: THANK ME LATER could NOT meet up the expectations and is far behind SO FAR GONE (his own MIXTAPE!!!)
that is kind of disappointing but overall the album did good. it could have been much worse. 


  1. Wow great post! I have started to like Drake! Great and detailed review!

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