Dienstag, 28. September 2010


So Young Money released Weezys EP on his birthday. He himself is still in prison but he's coming out in October. The release was highly anticipated and when it was released (online first) it went straight #1 on iTunes HipHop chart. Lets break it down and listen to every song one by one and see if Weezy could keep up the form he showed on his "No Ceilings" mixtape.

1) Gonnorhea feat. Drake
Okay. First of all I have to say I never liked the beats Wayne picked for his tracks. Just like this one. The production provided by Kane Beatz is so uninspiring. Just like Wayne's flow. What a shame. His word play is good but he seems a bit lazy on this one. Drake doesnt add too much on this track. In fact I am even a little annoyed and bored by him.

Best line
Wayne: It's a crazy world - so I stay in mine


2) Hold Up feat. T-Streetz
Damn Weezy pick some better beats!! I wish he would cause these wack beats always prevent him to shine. His word play and flow is pretty sharp on this one. And what or who the fuck is T-Streetz? Damn, too bad.

1/5 (-1 because of that T-Street clown)

3) With You feat. Drake
Okay this one is strictly for the ladies. And Weezys does it good. Can't deny it. He is hideous but these songs make him attractive to the ladies I think (plus the millions on his bank account). Drake provides his singing voice on the hook on this one. Pay attention to the second verse: Weezys flow is crazy.


4) I Am Not a Human Being
Man...I can already tell you one thing: this ain't the joint to chill or ride to. This is some hectic rock rap shit. Lyricaly Wayne is OK..not more. But this beat and the hook is horrible. Not my thing at all.


5) I'm Single
This song was already on the No Ceilings mixtape and I think Wayne killed it. It was one of the best songs and it showed how talented this man really is. The production is provided by 40. Knowing this should already make you know that the beat is a killer. And it is. It even is one of the most atmospheric beats I have ever heard.
Anyway, this song was supposed to feature Drake but last minute changes made him get off it. Too bad though, because I think it would have been interesting to hear what and how Drake spits over this classic. One of the best songs on No Ceilings and the best on this EP.

Best line: We both say we single, and we both lying. We both wrong - but it feel right.


6) What's Wrong With Them feat. Nicki Minaj
Ok this one's great. After I'm Single, this is just the second beat that pleased my ears on this EP. It suprised me to only hear Nicki on the hook. I was kind of disappointed that she didn't have a verse but she does a great job on the hook. Wayne's flow starting to get lazy again but his verses are great and the rhymes are great too. A nice song mostly due to Nickis hook though.


Best line
Wayne: The world is on my shoulders - should I dust my shoulders off?

7) Right Above It feat. Drake
This was the first single and it bangs. Except for Drake. His verse is that ridiculous Tim Westwood freestyle where he claims that it was "off the top". Watch it on YouTube and then go see the Affion Crockett parody. Hilarious.
Anways, back to the song. Like I said it bangs except for Drake. Wayne's verses are crazy, the beat is crazy and the hook is memorable and gets stuck right in your head. Wayne shines on this one. Credit goes out to Kane Beatz as well who provided the production.


8) Popular feat. Lil Twist
Another one for the ladies. Except for the fact that this one is listenable for the dudes. Lil Twist provides some support on the hook and he does is supprisingly acceptable.


9) That Ain't Me feat. Jay Sean
Great song. Makes you wanna fight and never give up. Wayne spits crazy as ever and Jay Sean is singing on the hook and boy is he good at it (no homo lol). This should have been the last song to make a great last impression. Message of the song: Wayne never gives up - and neither should you.


10) Bill Gates
This is like a gladiator hymn or the hymn to go make some money. Great song. 'Nuff said.


I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed of this EP. Too bad Weezy couldn't keep up the great form he showed on No Ceilings....Oh wait. He did: most of the beats just sucked.


  1. Another great review, thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. this is one of my more favorite blog posts from you :)

  3. Sounds like a really cool album, i'll check it out!

  4. Nice review. I didn't care for this album really.

  5. Eh, always sucks when an album ends up mediocre just because one aspect of it (beats/lyrics/instrumental) turns out to be crap.

  6. I had to come back and check out the review one more time.



  7. Gonna have to check it out after reading this.

  8. I had my doubts about this and your review basically confirmed it a couple nice tracks with some filler. thanks for the review

  9. i realy dont like lil wayne that much but some of his songs are good