Montag, 27. September 2010


so i decided to do a review of the newest album from the bawse himself. Ricky Rozay's


the album came out on July 20th.
FIRST WEEK SALES: 176,300 units

The album was highly promoted by Rick Ross himself. As he calls it "ground work". He even set up a Twitter account to reach out to his fans. Let's see if it was worth it.

The cover artwork is pretty cool I think. Better to see Ross' face then his fat body.



1) I'm not a Star (prod by  JUSTICE League)
Now that is what I call an energetic intro. Ross shines on a hectic production of JUSTICE League and kills it. Flow is legit, rhymes nice as always from Ross and the energy he puts in the mic is great. Nicely done


2) Free Mason (feat. Jay-Z) & John (prod by The Inkredibles)
The song leaked before the release and was highly celebrated. Ross does his thing and Jay-Z kills it again. Great hook and great verses by two great MCs.


3) Tears of Joy (feat. Cee-Lo) (prod by NO I.D.)
Wow. Cee-Los energy on this one is superb and Rick Ross is pretty fresh on this one. He spits deep verses and reflects on his past life and where he is now. Credit goes to NO I.D. as well since the beat is a bomb. Everything done right.


4) Maybach Music 3 (feat. Erykah Badu, T.I. & Jadakiss) (prod by JUSTICE League)
The Maybach Music tracks never stop it seems. This one seems extravagant. Great verse by T.I.. But I have to say that I dont think that Jadakiss and Badu really fit in in this one. Ross' verse is only ok. Production pretty cool.


5) Live Fast, Die Young (feat. Kanye West) (prod by Kanye West)
Kanye's production is again GENIUS. He provides the hook and is spot on. He did his thing, on the production, the hook and his verse. Ross is shining again on this crazy joint. Great verse and nice rhymes. The theme song for a great night.

6) Super High (feat. Ne-Yo Clark Kent, The Remedy)
I have to say that before I heard the original I only knew about the remix featuring Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. And trust me: the remix is way better and original than this piece. Still a great joint to ride to.


7) Number 1 (feat. Diddy & Trey Songz) (prod by Danja)
Ok joint. Nothing more, nothing less. Diddys verse sucks.


8) MC Hammer (feat. Gucci Mane) (prod by Lex Luger)


9) B.M.F. (feat. Styles P) (prod by Lex Luger)
WTF?! This is like the same song as before. Except this one works. A real banger Ross brought out here. When this song was released it was like the effin hymn for the streets. Good Job Ross.


10) Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele) (prod by JUSTICE League)
Best song of the album. Chrisette Michele makes the song even radio friendly. Drake? Well strange he only provided his part on the hook. He released a verse over the beat called "Paris Morton Music" and he killed it. Maybe that was why he is only on the hook. But Ross' verses are pretty sick too so that won't be a problem. 


11) For All The Money In The World (feat. Raphael Saadiq) (prod by The Olympiks)
The last joint (already?!) on the album. Ross proves that he is one of the hottest in the game right now. He even dares to sing on the hook (without Auto-Tune). The songs title says it all and Ross delievers a nice last song to this great album. It's his best.



Ross proves his point: he is one of the best right now. This album shows his diversity and his abilities as a great MC. At this point he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Regardless of his corny past.


  1. Nice! I'll check this out, thanks for the info!

  2. Damn, sounds good man.

    I'll hit this up when I have time.

  3. cool post, keep up the good work and check out my SC2 strategy guide if you got the time ;)

  4. Didn't even know he released a new album,, gonna have to check it out HUSTLIN

  5. ain't abig rick ross fan, buttttt i'll check it out. thanks

  6. This guy is the man.. It's good to see there's still talent in the rap world.

  7. oh man sounds good ill have to check it out!

  8. im rick ross, name reminds me of a boss.

  9. I had been debating whether or not to buy this. Looks like I'm gonna have to pick it up.

  10. Cool good review, might get this when I get paid next week!